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Working Group 3

Natural and Technological Applications

Leader: Lee Cronin (UK)
Co-Leader: Tan-Phat Huynh (Finland)

WG1: Morphology and Nanocharacterization

This WG aims to investigate natural and technological objectives including:
a) to investigate applications of these tubular materials as adsorbents of heavy metals from wastewaters;
b) to explore the adsorption of biopolymers in these inorganic tubes for possible biosensors and biocatalysts;
c) to study fuel cells based on chemical gardens; d) to explore the natural application of chemobrionics to the emergence of life at hydrothermal vents.

3.1.-Characterise the tubular materials in terms of permeability, surface area, adsorption capacity, separation and catalytical support.
3.2.-Applications of the tubular materials as adsorbents for cleaning polluted wastewaters.
3.3.-Application of tubular forms based on transition and rare earth metals as chemical sensors and photoluminiscent devices.
3.4.-Application of the organo-composites of these tubular forms as biosensors and immobilized biocatalysts.
3.5.-Application to fuel cell and electrolyser technologies.
3.6 –A chemical garden setup to investigate the emergence of life at an alkaline submarine hydrothermal vent.

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