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Working Group 1

Morphology and Nanocharacterization

Leader: Dezso Horvath (Hungary)

Co-Leader: Tito Trindade (Portugal)

WG1: Morphology and Nanocharacterization


Two main objectives can be defined in this WG:

a) to understand the relationship between the experimental conditions and morphology of these structures formed out of equilibrium; and

b) to combine different instrumental and analytical techniques to characterize these structures in terms of the chemical compositions and the gradient of chemical compositions and crystallinity.
1.1. Synthesis of precipitate structures and their precursors in 2-D
1.2. Growth of tubular structure driven by osmosis in 3-D flow conditions
1.3. Kinetic studies and dynamics of growth
1.4. Surface modification of nano structures
1.5. Characterization of precipitate structures at micro- and nanoscale level
1.5.1.-Identified conditions for 3-D X-ray tomography imaging.
1.5.2.-Optimized growth conditions in a gel.

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