A tungstate chemical garden

C. Pimentel, J. H. E. Cartwright, C. I. Sainz-Díaz, ChemSystemsChem 2020.


Crystal structure and mesogenic behaviour of a new fluorene derivative: 9,9-dimethyl-2,7-bis­(4-pentyl­phen­yl)-9H-fluorene


Review: From Chemical Gardens to Chemobrionics

Barge L. M., Cardoso S. S. S., Cartwright J. H. E., Cooper G. J. T., Cronin L., De Wit A., Doloboff I. J., Escribano B., Goldstein R. E., Haudin F., Jones D. E. H., Mackay A. L., Maselko J., Pagano J. J., Pantaleone J., Russell M. J., Sainz-Díaz C. I., Steinbock O., Stone D. A., Tanimoto Y.Thomas N. L

Chem. Rev. 2015 115 (16), 8652-8703


Complexes of Zn(II)–Triazoles with CO2 and H2O: Structures, Energetics, and Applications

Rahma Dahmani, Sonja Grubišić, Saida Ben Yaghlane, Salima Boughdiri, and Majdi Hochlaf

The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2019 123 (26), 5555-5565

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