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Keynote Speaker Announcement #4: Shigeru Deguchi

COST Action Chemobrionics Prague Meeting 2020

Supramolecular Processes under Conditions Mimicking Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents

Deep-sea hydrothermal vents are hot springs occurring in the deep oceans at tectonically active areas. Hot and compressed water gushes out from the vents and is rapidly cooled to near-freezing temperature by surrounding cold water. The vent water sometimes exceeds the critical condition of water (Tc = 374 °C, Pc = 22.1 MPa). Under such extreme conditions, water exhibits properties that are remarkably different from those of ambient water. For example, supercritical water freely mixes with various hydrocarbons. In this talk, supramolecular processes under conditions mimicking the hydrothermal vents will be presented. Possible implication of such processes for the chemical origin of life will be discussed.

More information about the meeting:

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