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Keynote Speaker Announcement #1: Laurie Barge

COST Action Chemobrionics Prague Meeting 2020

Chemobrionics and the Search For Life Elsewhere

In order to develop strategies to search for life elsewhere, it is important to understand the transition between life and non-life, and how self-organization and complexity can emerge in completely non-biological systems. Chemobrionic systems provide an example of how dynamic chemical systems can give rise to self-assembling structures, maintenance of disequilibrium, and can even drive organic-inorganic interactions. I will discuss laboratory approaches that are useful for simulating different aspects of these systems, and how such experiments can be used to investigate the origin of life and habitability on other worlds.

Laurie Barge

Research Scientist, Planetary Chemistry and Astrobiology

HiRISE Investigation Scientist, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Planetary Sciences Section

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