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COST Action CHEMOBRIONICS just started!

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

1st Management Committee meeting

The necessary quorum was present at the meeting in Brussels on 15th October 2018, since 25 out of 28 countries were represented by their MC delegates. The MC members nanimously elected Prof. Julyan Cartwright (Spain), the proposer of the action, to Chair of the Action.

Based upon the suggestion of the Chair, Prof. Simone Giannerini (Italy) was elected unanimously as Vice-Chair of the Action.

Universidad de Granada, the home university of the chair, was elected as the Grant Holder with Dr. Claro Ignacio Sainz Díaz being the Scientific Representative. The Chair and the Scientific Representative will do their best but if problems arise then other grant holder may be chosen. The board also voted for the highest value of FSAC as fixed percentage of 15%.

Then the Working group leaders were elected. All groups have one leader registered in e-COST with a co-leader:

WG 1: Morphology and Nanocharacterization: Dezső Horváth (Hungary), Tito Trindade (Portugal)

WG 2: Fluid Dynamics and Complex Systems Modeling: Silvana Cardoso (UK), Anne De Wit (Belgium)

WG 3: Natural and Technological Applications: Lee Cronin (UK), Tan-Phat Huynh (Finland)

WG 4: Dissemination: Richard-Emmanuel Eastes (Switzerland), Jitka Cejkova (Czech Republic)

Jitka Cejkova (Czech Republic) was elected as Science and Communication Manager and Ágota Tóth (Hungary) was elected for the STSM coordinator function.

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